SDA® Mineral Slurry Thinners

Mineral Slurry Thinners

Product Description 

The SDA ® range of slurry thinners is one of the proven product developments by GCP in the field of additives for cement raw materials and minerals. SDA products are specially formulated by GCP and are supplied as liquids, ready for use.

Product Advantages 

SDA can provide either a viscosity reduction at constant slurry solids content or an increase in slurry solids while maintaining a constant viscosity.

SDA provides significant cost savings by reducing the water content of the kiln feed by 5% to 10%. Clinker output of the kiln is typically increased by 3% to 6%. Where extensive slurry handling is involved, a reduction in pumping costs will be achieved.

Addition Rates 

The dosage rate of SDA products can vary from 0.005% to 0.4% by weight of slurry solids. The optimum dosage rate will depend on the fineness, chemistry and viscosity characteristics of each slurry.

Dosing Equipment 

SDA should be accurately dispensed through a calibrated dosing system. GCP can advise on suitable equipment for installation, covering manual, semi automatic and computerized systems.


SDA should be added as received into the slurry mix water.

Technical Service 

To assist you in obtaining optimum performance from your GCP Cement Additive, we offer advice and assistance by trained personnel, experienced in additive technology and the facilities of our fully equipped laboratories.

Safety Information 

SDA products are non-flamable. A SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is available on request.


SDA products can be supplied in 205 litre drums, 1000 litre bulk boxes and in bulk tankers.


The shelf life of SDA products is a minimum of 6 months in original containers. | Servizio clienti in Italia:: +39 02 93537291

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Last Updated: 2021-02-05