Board Life Enhancing Admixture

Product Description

MORTARD® PL is a liquid, job site-added mortar admixture, which enhances the board life and workability properties of Portland cement/lime mortars, especially for warm to hot weather masonry construction.

MORTARD PL can extend the working time of mortar for several hours, reducing mortar waste and excessive retempering. Early age strengths are obtained with no detrimental effects to bond and shrinkage properties.

Do not use MORTARD PL in masonry or mortar cement mortars, or in combination with air-entrained Portland cement or air-entrained lime. Instead, use MORTARD MC for these applications.

Product Function

MORTARD PL extends the working time of mortar by controlling the rate of cement hydration during the first few hours after mixing. It also produces a plasticizing effect that improves workability.

MORTARD PL contains special stabilizers that improve water retention and reduce bleeding. Since the product is added at the job site, performance can be fine-tuned for a given set of materials and conditions by varying addition rates. MORTARD PL will not decrease hardened mortar properties. It is non-chloride and non-corrosive.

Application Information

Addition Rates:

Begin with the lowest recommended dosage and increase until the desired working time of the mortar is obtained. Avoid overdosing of MORTARD PL since the mortar’s rate of early strength gain may be adversely affected.

Ambient Temp. Portland/Lime
21 ºC (70 °F) 120-240 mL/bag* (4-8 fl oz/bag*)
35 ºC (95 °F) 180-360 mL/bag* (6-12 fl oz/bag*)

*Portland cement only

Mixing Procedure:

MORTARD PL should be added to the mortar mixer and allowed to mix for at least 30 seconds before the final water is added. Then mix for an additional five minutes to ensure a more homogeneous mortar, and allow the plasticizing characteristics of MORTARD PL to take affect.

While MORTARD PL increases working times, the mason should still adjust the mortar’s water content when using highly absorptive masonry units. This will reduce the chance of premature drying out due to excessive moisture loss. The minimum temperature for application is 1 ºC (34 ºF).

Product Advantages

  • Increases board life
  • Improves water retention
  • Enhances workability
  • Reduces waste
  • Increases productivity
  • Non-chloride, non-corrosive


MORTARD PL is available in drums and returnable totes. Product weight for MORTARD PL is 1.02 kg/L (8.5 lbs/gal).

Health and Safety

All precautions defined on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for MORTARD PL must be followed.


Protect MORTARD PL from direct sunlight and freezing. MORTARD PL has a shelf life of 9 months. | Servizio clienti in Italia:: +39 02 93537291

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