LGA® High Efficiency Grinding Aid and Pack Sest Inhibitor

High efficiency grinding aid and pack set inhibitor


The LGA® series of cement additives is formulated to provide grinding efficiency that is superior to that of traditional grinding aids based on amines or glycols. Laboratory grinds comparing LGA with traditional glycol-based additives have indicated increases in grinding efficiency of 15% at Blaine fineness of 3500–4000 cm2/g for Ordinary Portland Cement.

Product Description 

LGA consists of a mixture of special amine salts that are then formulated with more traditional amines or glycols. It is available with either an amine base, as LGA and LGA 70, or with a glycol base, as LGA N, or a blend of amine and glycol, as LGA N 50, to better meet the unique performance requirements of different milling systems. In addition to providing increased grinding efficiency, LGA products also effectively inhibit pack set.


Active Ingredients 69.0–81.0
Specific Gravity 1.09–1.15 [@77 °F (25 °C)]
pH 6–9

Typical Properties

Appearance Dark brown, low viscosity solution
Odors, Fumes Alcohol odor with no noxious or toxic fumes
Foaming Point None
Freezing Point 15 °F (-10 °C)

Product Advantages 

  • Increased mill output at same cement fineness
  • Reduced grinding costs
  • Improved dosage efficiency
  • Higher cement strengths
  • Increased cement flowability

Recommended Addition Rate 

According to GCP experience, the typical dosage of LGA as received ranges from 0.02% to 0.06% of cement. The optimum addition rate should be determined through cement mill tests in consultation with GCP personnel.

How to Use 

LGA may be proportioned as received; however, dilution with four to eight parts of water is normally recommended in order to facilitate greater proportioning accuracy and better additive distribution. Where extremely small addition rates are used, even greater dilution is recommended.

For dilution, suitable dispensing pumps with adjustable flow rates should be used for optimum performance. It is desirable to introduce LGA into the first compartment of the finish grinding mill to effect maximum distribution and efficiency of the product.

Dosing Equipment 

GCP LGA high efficiency grinding aid should be accurately proportioned through a calibrated dosing system, suitable for the cement mill and the output required.

Specification Compliance 

LGA is approved for use under ASTM C465 specification as a non-harmful processing addition. It has been thoroughly tested and a test report is available from GCP upon request.


LGA is available in 55 gal (210 L) drums, in totes or in bulk by tanker trucks. It contains no flammable materials.

Health & Safety

All precautions defined on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for LGA must be followed.


Where it is expected that the storage tanks will be exposed to freezing temperatures, provisions should be made for insulating and heating the tank and lines in order to prevent excess viscosity and to aid pumpability.

Technical Services 

Field Engineers from GCP are available to assist in laboratory and mill test evaluations of LGA. Complete testing equipment and methods for analyzing mill performance and pack set index are also available during plant trials.

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