Concentrated Plasticizer for Low Slump Concrete Pipe

Product Description

HYPER I™ concentrated plasticizer is specially formulated for use in the production of low slump concrete pipe. HYPER I is designed to produce a smooth texture on the web of the pipe. HYPER I may also be used in the manufacture of other low slump concrete products such as concrete block and roof tile where a light swipe would be desired.

HYPER I is yellow in color and is supplied as a liquid concentrate. It may be dispensed as a concentrate or in diluted form. Companion products to HYPER I providing similar general benefits but designed to offer additional special qualities to low slump products are: NP-10TM for normal texture, MARK VTM for a light swipe, and a complete line of ready-to-use products for low slump concrete products including DBM®-R, DBM-S, DBM-A and DBM-NC.

Product Uses

HYPER I may be used in all zero or low slump concrete pipe to increase workability while retaining cohesiveness and to provide for more complete hydration of the cement. HYPER I is intended primarily for use in mixes for low slump concrete pipe and may be used in concrete block, concrete roof tile and other low slump concrete products.

The mixes designed for low slump concrete pipe are characteristically dry, containing minimal water. Additional water would be desirable to allow for complete hydration of the cement and improve mix cohesiveness. However, an increase in water content is impractical from a production standpoint. A very low or zero slump is necessary for dimensional stability of the pipe upon removal from the mold. The use of HYPER I will compensate for the water deficiency in such mixes. HYPER I is a plasticizer which improves the dispersion of the cement throughout the mix as well as improving the workability of the mix along with increased green strengths.

The increased workability achieved with HYPER I allows for better compaction of the pipe with a reduction in surface cracking and improved surface quality, resulting in fewer culls. Overall quality of the pipe is improved with an enhanced surface appearance on the webbing of the pipe.

Product Advantages

  • Enhanced Web Appearance
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Surface Cracking
  • Fewer Culls
  • Cost Effective
  • Improved Green Strengths

Application Information

Addition Rates:

HYPER I is supplied as a concentrate and may be dispensed in that form using the proper dispenser. As a concentrate, HYPER I is used at the rate of .2 to .5 fl oz/100 lbs of cementitious material (cement, fly ash, microsilica or other pozzolan in the mix). If desired, HYPER I may also be used in diluted form.

It is recommended that it be diluted one part HYPER I to ten parts water. Put 30 gallons of water in a 55 gallon drum, add 5 gallons of HYPER I.

Fill the remainder of the drum with water and mix well. A dosage rate of 3 to 7 fl oz of this solution per 100 lbs of cementitious material in the mix should be used.

Dispensing Equipment:

A complete line of equipment is available to dispense HYPER I either as a concentrate or in diluted form.


HYPER I is available in drums and returnable totes


HYPER I will freeze, but it will return to full effectiveness after thawing and mechanical agitation.

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